Stylish Wooden Watches UK


Plantwear are a fantastic company who offer a selection of different wooden watches UK and sunglasses all of which are made from FSC approved woods. As they use a large amount of wood to make their watches they like to be able to give back to nature so they plant 50 trees each month in a tropical rainforest in Brazil. They have previous experience in woodwork and aim to be the best. All of their products are handcrafted in their workshops making original and unique pieces from raw materials. All of their customers have been delighted with their products saying that they are great gift ideas and will be recommending them to others. They offer 32 different wooden watches and a fantastic selection of wooden sunglasses, these come in a range of different colours and styles. These watches are made of a range of woods such as mahogany, oak and rosewood they come in many different series such as the raw series, heritage series and sierra series.The watches are lightweight, comfortable and fantastic quality, a benefit of some of these watches is that if you don’t want a complete wooden watch as it may feel uncomfortable, you can buy ones with natural calf leather straps or recycled nylon straps.

A fantastic watch is from the urban series, black and white. This watch is made of maple and ebony, its 100% handmade. This watch isn’t completely water resistant but is splash resistant, so you don’t have to worry too much. It has a stainless steel crown and a mineral glass face. It has an adjustable strap which comes with a kit to make it so much easier when adjusting, plus you won’t have to purchase your own. A great thing about this watch is that it’s stylish and even though it looks really heavy with all the different pieces its quite light and comfortable on your wrist. Another fantastic watch is the ebony, blue edition watch from the heritage series. This watch is made from ebony and naturally dyed wood veneer; plus it has been fitted with a recycled nylon NATO strap. The watch is splash resistant too. This stunning watch is a fantastic gift option.

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Look Your Best With The Right Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extensionsDo you want to look great with nice eyelash extensions? You may waste your money if you go with whatever you find first. Here are ideas that can help you get what you need for a price that is more than fair.

Call a local store or go there to get a list together of the brands they have on hand. Beauty products will vary depending on where you go so you’ll have to call a few different places to see what the choices are in your area. Once you know what you can get and what to expect from sellers, you can look for reviews on it all online first. You may also find that you can get the products cheaper online if you can wait, but make sure you include the price of shipping to make sure it’s not too expensive after that.

What works for you may not be what works for most people. It’s okay, if that happens, because you can just try something else until you run into something that you like. Just go through the list of what people say is the best and move down it. The only thing you should try to avoid are products that you hear are not liked by over half of the people that use them. Don’t buy from companies, either, that don’t let you make a return if you are not happy or if the extensions aren’t as advertised when you try to use them.

You don’t have to apply the extensions on your own if you don’t want to or just are not that good at it. There are salons that you can go to and they usually have someone on staff that is trained in applying them. You can also schedule more services like getting a massage or anything you need that the place has to offer. Try to look for reviews about their services first, and if you’re not happy with your results you do not have to go back there in the future.

Make an effort to get eyelash extensions from companies that care about quality. In this day and age tons of people make products like this in a cheap way. You don’t have to pay for the most expensive option, however, if you know where to find a deal online or in stores locally.

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Quality Eyewear For A Range Of Sports

prescription-sunglasses-sports-eyewearSports eye wear can help with this as they offer a wide range of sunglasses, most of which can also be bought as prescription sunglasses. They offer a broad variety of different brands including Oakley, Sunwise and Dirty Dog. The sunglasses that they offer are very popular because they come in many different styles and colours so you are sure to find at least one pair that you like. Then when it comes to shopping for eyewear by sport they do ones for football, hockey and squash, plus they have many pairs of sunglasses in each category so you have plenty to choose from. Every pair of sunglasses is unique with their own outstanding features; the sunglasses are all high quality, durable and long lasting. All of them are popular when playing sports due to some coming with adjustable straps and others being fitted. Looking for the best prescription sunglasses online? Get Sports Eyewear Sunglasses.

One amazing pair of goggles they offer are called Gravity, they come in black diamond with a stunning citrus gold orange lens with a gold mirror. They have a wide field of view and flow tech venting; as well as equalise venting. They have triple layer face foam so they are more comfortable when being worn instead of rubbing against your face and have P80 hydrophobic coating with anti-fog. A prescription can be added onto this but it will cost and extra £40, without the prescription they cost £69. Including this pair they also have 8 other styles / coloured gravity goggles. Another pair would be Koki Beach these are prescription. These sunglasses are available in black with grey tortoise, olive tortoise and purple tortoise. These sunglasses offer a wide field of view that is completely distortion free, as well as excellent protection. The lens material available for these sunglasses would be Maui Jim 1.60. There’s a choice of four different lens tints and coatings, these are neutral grey, and Maui Rose, Maui HT and HCL bronze. These lenses will leave you with optical perfection and fantastic colour enhancement, due to being such

There’s a choice of four different lens tints and coatings, these are neutral grey, and Maui Rose, Maui HT and HCL bronze. These lenses will leave you with optical perfection and fantastic colour enhancement, due to being such high quality sunglasses that you’re sure to love. Another pair would be the Ho’okipa ones which are available as prescription; these come in gloss black or tortoise. These come with the option of Maui polycarbonate or Maui evolution 1.60 as the lens material. They offer a wide field of view which are distortion free, the digital lens surfacing offers optical perfection, they provide brilliant colour without glare or harmful rays.

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The Different Types Of Birkenstock Footwear



While Birkenstock has a positive reputation, many people assume that they only offer a few kinds of shoes. People know their sandals and nothing else. Some people think that they produce sandals exclusively.


However, this company actually offers many different types of footwear. Read on to learn more about the fantastic shoes that they provide. You’ll be impressed when you see some of the shoes that they make.

Women’s Shoes

Birkenstock offers an excellent selection of shoes for women. While women can purchase the famous sandals in a number of sizes, they can also enjoy their clogs. The clogs are attractive and stylish, and they usually fit very well.

They offer many fashion-forward, yet comfortable boots for women. They also sell many types of shoes that are work appropriate. Their Mary Janes and oiled leather flats have been a big hit.

Any woman that is looking for comfortable shoes will be thrilled by what they offer.

Men’s Shoes

As with women, there are many different types of Birkenstock shoes that men can buy. As a matter of fact, they are one of the few companies to sell clogs that were specifically designed for men.

Men also have the option of purchasing high-quality sandals, boots, and so much more. A lot of men opt to wear their shoes to work. Because their shoes are sturdy, they can protect feet during a long and hard day.

It is important that men have support from the shoes that they wear. Thankfully, this is something that this shoe company can provide.

Kid’s Shoes

Buying shoes for children can be a challenge. Children tend to outgrow shoes very quickly. It isn’t at all unusual for a child to change shoe sizes multiple times in a single year.

However, children do a lot of playing, and they need shoes that can withstand that. Cheaper shoes may wind up falling apart after a few wears.

The shoes that Birkenstock produces for kids are the perfect balance between affordability and quality. In addition, because these shoes are so well-made, they can be passed down from one kid to another.

It’s clear that this shoe company offers many different types of shoes to their customers. No matter what kind of shoe you are hoping to buy, you really can’t go wrong when you stick with the Birkenstock brand. When it comes to high-quality, comfortable footwear, this company is peerless.

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Shopping Hacks (7 tips and tricks) || Lauren McDowell

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