What Is the Job of a BIM Specialist?

There is a growing demand for BIM technicians, especially after leading AEC firms, and governments started adopting this technology. A BIM specialist needs to know every aspect of this technology to ensure he/she can help his/her company make the most of this collaborative work process.

Importance of a BIM specialist


A BIM technician should know how to work with evolved CAD drafting techniques and their application within a BIM environment. He/she shouldn’t only focus on working to markups from designers. Instead, the technician should understand the architectural, structural, mechanical & electrical aspects of the construction or engineering project. He/she should know how to model a building using the correct BIM best practices.


Sometimes the BIM specialist also needs to play the role of a BIM coordinator where he/she coordinates and leads the entire process of integrating data and generating digital models of a given project. He/she should oversee all the models right from the initial concept design stage through to construction stage and project O&M/handover. In fact, a BIM professional has many more duties, such as:

  • Develop a model that meets the specific design discipline.
  • Make sure that all the BIM models align with the goals and standards according to the BIM project and BIM Execution Plan (BEP).
  • Collaborate with other experts and check if the model requires any changes or not in terms of design or structure.
  • Extract data in various formats e.g. COBie and develop construction drawings according to the discipline of the BIM platform.
  • Prepare the company’s own BEP if required.
  • Use BIM authoring tools to offer technical support while mentoring trainee BIM technicians learning systems and protocols for the first time.
  • Manage and coordinate BIM project data and set up different projects based on the BIM environment.
  • Manage software licenses and install the applications whenever necessary.


Therefore, a BIM technician needs to have vast knowledge and experience on this technology to make sure he/she uses the software to best effect in designing models.

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