How to take proper care of the Septic tank and System

It is essential to care about the maintenance of septic tanks and systems. It is not only necessary for any farms or out in the countryside. The city dwellers also need septic system maintenance.

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Taking good care of your septic system is not a big deal because the newer and upgraded systems function exceptionally well when you follow up on the few basic guidelines.

Proper Installation of the Septic System:

The septic system should be installed properly to avoid any problem. A specialized team of inspectors visits your place when you apply for a building permit. They verify that property has the perfect condition for a nonproblematic septic system.

Do not overload the Septic tank and system:

You can take care of a few things regularly to keep your septic system and tank running smoothly. Check the toilets and faucets for the leaks and any repairs if required.

Use the flow reducer nozzles or aerators on the faucets to make lower water consumption, and decrease the water level for minor loads of laundry.

Minimize the usage of Heavy-Duty Cleaners:

More usage of the heavy-duty cleaners will kill the beneficial bacteria in the septic tanks so solids would not break down properly. It is best to avoid them or make the usage very little as possible.

Protect the Septic System:

Do not drive over a drain field. To build a structure on top of it!

Cover it with some asphalt or concrete, or allow the livestock to walk over it. Do planting on it. By doing this, the chances of soil erosion will be minimized.

Prevent it from the root damage by placing the trees at least 100 ft away from the septic tank and system.

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